Saturday, July 25, 2009

M.U. sockets complete

The connections to the M.U. sockets have been tested and are complete. That says all the M.U. connections are correct, and by extension the control stands are correct. The testing is done with a very old "ringer box" containing two 6 volt batteries and an electromechanical bell connected to some very long wires. The ringer box proved persnickety and of course needed repair of its own.

One twist (literally) in the M.U. wiring is the forward/reverse controls. Forward on one controller is the same as reverse on the other controller. Similarly, the pin in the M.U. wiring for "forward" on one end, must be the pin for "reverse" on the other end. As you can imagine, there's only one way to resolve this: "twist" the forward and reverse pins halfway down the car, so forward goes to reverse and vice versa. But how does it get back to normal for the next car? Heh - there's also a twist in the M.U. jumper cable.

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