Friday, July 10, 2009

Pilots repainted - June 20, 2009

One recent project is the repainting of the front and rear pilot. (some might call it a "cowcatcher".)

The pilots were removed from the car. They're too big for the beadblast cabinet, and sandblasting a large assembly out in the open is quite a dirty job. So the pilots were chipped by hand, it proved practical to remove all the old paint.

As always, the paint being used is Awlgrip 545 primer and Awlgrip topcoat. In this case the color is Super Jet Black.

Click on the pictures for a much bigger version.

This work was done about three weeks ago. The post is being done new because, well, it's a new weblog! Expect a few more back-dated entries to cover work recently done.

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